We don't believe in carrying much stuff on the road. So we want the few items that we do carry to be excellent.

Here's what we've discovered so far. Each article is generally born from weeks of research and then is constantly updated as necessary, either because a better product is released, or we — or our dear readers — uncover new facts to consider.

Travel Booking Websites

We adore train travel in Europe, but the booking process for the official national train websites can be awful, particularly for non-Europeans. We've looked at better options for SpainFrance and Italy that cost exactly the same as the official sites, and provide better routing and smoother purchase experiences.

osprey ozone convertible 22 wheelsThe Best Wheeled Carry-On Backpack

We think wheeled carry-on backpacks are best for digital nomads, frequent travelers, backpackers and anyone else who bounces around the earth as lightly as possible. Here we present the lightest, sturdiest options available.

The Best Toiletry Bag

A few key features can help you breeze through foreign shower stalls and bathrooms.

The Best of the Largest, Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

Willing to heft a larger, boxier speaker in order to have great and very loud sound on the road? We've got a few recommendations.

The Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We poured over reviews from around the globe by audiophiles and consumer testing organizations, in many languages. We determined that the very best right now is...


Sure, there are classless plastic collapsible water pouches out there for airline travel. Spaniards have a better solution for staying hydrated orgetting tipsy on the go. On a related note, we also cover the best way to open a wine bottle while travelling.

The Best USB-C Battery

Be ready for long trips with a small battery that can run your USB-C computer, or fully recharge your mobile device a few times.

The Best Plug Adapter for Travel

How can you plug your stuff into those funny-looking holes in the wall? One small, essential adapter has you covered for any country.