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I don’t buy a lot of stuff.

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But when I do, I tend to research before I buy pretty carefully. Almost obsessively. I dive into the best publications for consumer research from various countries. I read blogs and specialist publications if relevant ones exist. On rare occasions, I trust my friends, including especially the consumer products engineer with whom I founded this site.

After a few days or even weeks of research, I may just go and write an article about what I’ve found out and throw it up on this site. I also publish some comparison articles on specific gear at times. Unlike most tech gear, affiliate, and review sites, I link to the best-informed product testing and consumer organizations and reviewers from around the world so that you can check out what others have to say too. And of course I give my own experiences — but I do often favor overall meta-reviews of expert opinions.

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We cover whatever the hell interests us at the moment. Especially if I’m looking to buy something, like a loud Bluetooth speaker or a weeder that my mom can use without injuring her back in the garden. Separately I run a minimalist travel site on portable stuff and travel hacks for nomads.

Mainly I write these screeds, but sometimes a few select others weigh in. You can chime in too if you want. We read the comments and update articles when people tell us something useful. We love it when you send in your feedback, suggestions, and steamy proposals too.

Mose & co.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Whether moving about the house, the country, or the world, we always carry a portable Bluetooth speaker. We've tried out just about everything so we've got a few opinions on what's best.

Our vast research project looked at the largest and loudest Bluetooth speakers. We focused particularly on those that sound great but are still portable enough to be taken out for beach parties, boating, patio soirées, tailgating parties, etc. The market is saturated, to say the least, which is great: there’s something for any taste. Further …


We’ve done in-depth reviews of all current portable JBL Bluetooth speakers, but understandably you folks don’t want to read all that. So here’s a quick set of comparisons, mini-reviews, and an FAQ to help you choose the right JBL sonic portable delight for you. JBL makes great-sounding, well-regarded, very reasonably priced portable Bluetooth speakers that …


We’d say the JBL Pulse 4 is without a doubt the speaker to get if you enjoy the wacky tabacky, as my old man calls his reefer. JBL is unsurprisingly not so up front about this, but the JBL Pulse 4 is the stoner’s speaker par excellence. It’s also a quite obvious speaker choice to …


Out of the hundreds of speakers we’ve reviewed there are a few that are perfect fits for those going off to college. You’re not staying in your university’s dorm or apartment-style housing forever; most people move at the very least from year to year. So it’s important to have a speaker that’s portable enough not …


We’ve been carefully analyzing dozens of Bluetooth speakers for years, and we also love gardening, so we were happy to approach the question of how best to combine the two. We’ve found that listening to podcasts and music while weeding (especially with a stand-up weeder) makes the whole venture a lot more enjoyable. We went …


We’ve analyzed all of the teeniest Bluetooth speaker options out  there — those that are small enough to be clipped or strapped onto clothing, or slide into a pocket. For now, we’ve got one main recommendation. We’ll list a few other cheap tiny options later in this piece as well. Our Top Pick for Tiny, Wearable …




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We never accept payment from product manufacturers; our revenue is from Amazon affiliate marketing. This means we have no particular motivation to recommend one product over another (as long as they're on Amazon, and pretty much everything is). Our goal is to recommend products that will serve you well, so that you'll come back to us as we expand this site to cover more products.

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