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We have done thorough meta-reviews analyzing Bluetooth speakers in various categories, from large units to travel speakers to small, wearable, personal speakers. Generally, the bigger speakers sound best, so there’s almost always a trade-off for portability versus great sound and loudness. First think about how big of a speaker you’re willing to heft around, and then we’ll recommend the best possible Bluetooth speaker at that size, at various price points.

The Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Marijuana and Psychedelics Trips Is Obviously…

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College Dorm Speakers: The Best Sound for Small Rooms, for Large Parties, and for a Shoestring Budget

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The Loudest Bluetooth Speakers — Which Sounds Best?

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The Best Bluetooth Speaker for Gardening

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The Best Tiny, Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

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We’ve compared every small Bluetooth speaker on the American market by size and weight — in centimeters and grams. This compliments our meta-review of Bluetooth speakers and focuses on the smallest speakers available. There is also a version of this chart in inches and ounces. The table below starts with the lightest speakers and moves up by weight. It also …

We’ve spent weeks researching our total meta-review of Bluetooth speakers, and we’ve done a comparison of a few top brands. But we think it would also be worthwhile to make a complete chart of the very smallest and lightest Bluetooth speakers out there, sorted by size. In the table below we start with the very lightest speakers and then …

Most of the bluetooth speakers that tech sites were raving about a few years ago are still available, and you can expect to pay about half price for them. This market is a chaotic war — there are hundreds of models, and lots of them are excellent. We have thus been  constantly updating our meta-review of the latest portable bluetooth speaker …

Our complete meta-review found that the is the most recommendable portable Bluetooth speaker out right now. That survey, however, did not take into account bigger speakers like the , and our readers have been asking us about it and how it compares to its famous littler sibling. Both are excellent speakers and quite similar, but there are a few differences to be …