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We have done thorough meta-reviews analyzing Bluetooth speakers in various categories, from large units to travel speakers to small, wearable, personal speakers. Generally, the bigger speakers sound best, so there’s almost always a trade-off for portability versus great sound and loudness. First think about how big of a speaker you’re willing to heft around, and then we’ll recommend the best possible Bluetooth speaker at that size, at various price points.

The Loudest Portable Bluetooth Speakers — Which Sounds Best?

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The Best JBL Portable Bluetooth Speakers: A Side-by-Side Comparison, Mini-Reviews, and FAQ

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The Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Marijuana and Psychedelics Trips Is Obviously…

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College Dorm Speakers: The Best Sound for Small Rooms, for Large Parties, and for a Shoestring Budget

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The Best Bluetooth Speaker for Gardening

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The Best Tiny, Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

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The Riva Arena and Riva Concert speakers appear quite similar, but were released at different times and with slightly different marketing, so it can be difficult to untangle what are real contrasts and what is just confusing, useless hype. We’re here for you. The speakers are actually quite similar; both offer fantastic, room-filling sound from …

Our complete meta-review found that the is the most recommendable portable Bluetooth speaker out right now. That survey, however, did not take into account bigger speakers like the , and our readers have been asking us about it and how it compares to its famous littler sibling. Both are excellent speakers and quite similar, but there are a few differences to be …

We reviewed every scrap of information published so far about the recently released UE Wonderboom. We were crazy curious about this speaker, as other speakers from Logitech’s UE have frequently been our favorites. The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is quite new, so the verdict is not in yet from world consumer testing organizations, but plenty of other …

We’ve examined everything about Fugoo’s Bluetooth speaker offerings in the Style, Style-S, Sport, and Tough lines in order to tease out exactly what the differences are and which is right for whom. As usual, this means a meta-review of everything put out by consumer testing organizations, audiophile bloggers, and tech reviewers. We’ll have a little more …

We’ve examined every Bluetooth speaker on the market, but we thought it would be wise to narrow our focus here to just two excellent, small, outdoorsy speaker offers from Logitech’s UE: the Wonderboom and the Roll 2. We stand by our overall Bluetooth speaker meta-review‘s recommendation of the UE Boom 2 as the best combination of durability and great sound …