TeckNet Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Review: Cheap, Decent Sound, Bluetooth 5.0

The Tecknet BT Headset with charging cable


We recently tried out the TeckNet Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones BH922, which are very competitively priced. Given this price, expectations were low — and easily beaten.

These are an excellent set of headphones (and calling headset) for what they offer, and the best we’ve heard so far at this price range.

A few listeners tried them including one musician who is accustomed to a range of headphones. All felt that they were quite comfortable to wear for extended periods. While they are not really ideal gym speakers we have used them for this and they were fine for this purpose — light enough and tight fitting.

The construction appears to be solid enough that they should last for quite some time with normal use. (As with all products with an internal battery, however, there will be a limited number of cycles of recharges, eventually.)

The sound was even and lively, with quite strong bass — overemphasized for some tastes, although this is probably ideal for most listeners.

The Tecknet BH922 offers Bluetooth 5.0 with a built-in noise-cancelling mic that can be used for clear calling with reduced background noise. The 420hAh battery is advertised to last for 16 hours.

We’ll have an update to this article after a month or two to complete it with our thoughts.

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