The Best Accessories for Ultralight Travel

As this site expands, we’re focusing mainly on the best gear for  ultralight travel. Here is an overview of our travel accessory meta-reviews.

The Best Drinking Vessel: The Bota

Are you carrying one of those silly-looking BPA-free collapsible travel water bottles? Why not opt instead for the Spaniards’ classic collapsible goat bladder drinking vessel?

The Best Teeny Tiny Corkscrew to Hang on a Keychain

There are lots of options for corkscrews for the road, but they sometimes get confiscated at airport security (and more often simply cause holdups for extra screening). But we’ve found one corkscrew to carry that never seems to get a second look. It’s also small enough to fit in a wallet.

A Durable, Light Full-Featured Toiletry Bag

This is an area where good design can save you some trouble and even from soapy messes. Bottles may leak, but we found a toiletry bag that offers a solid barrier between them and your clothes. It also has a small mirror, a hook, and other thoughtful features. It’s made by Osprey, the same reliable folks who designed our favorite wheeled backpack carry-on.

USB-C Power Banks

As phones, laptops, and other devices slowly lurch towards the new USB-C standard, one advantage is that you can charge all of them from a single backup USB-C battery. We’re keeping tabs on the best USB-C batteries to buy and testing them with laptops to see how they fare.