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Hayward and Frank

Johanna Thomé de SouzaSelectoGuru was launched in November 2014. The main team is Mose Hayward and Y. Frank. Hayward is a former journalist, Frank has long worked as product designer of everything from electronics to suitcases. We consult with other experts on an ad hoc basis, plus research, research, research…. While perhaps obsessed with tools for good living and with functionality, we’re not so into tech for the sake of itself. We’re rather more motivated by the desire to spread the best information on consumer choices, particularly in certain countries and for types of products where this is lacking, or where information tends to be geared toward the ultra-geeky.

This site’s logo is by the inimitable Johanna Thomé da Souza (her portfolio, her FB page).

Some translations are provided by Paolo Dagonnier, a French-speaking freelance translator with a passion for music. Nadine handles the German site.

Milena and Ivana are our researchers, link-checkers, and WordPress heros.

How this site makes money

We don’t accept any ads, nor payment from any manufacturers.

Our small income comes from affiliate links to Amazon and other retailers (mainly monetized by Skimlinks). This means that if you buy something, like it, and don’t return it, we eventually get a small commission.

This also means we have no motivation to recommend one particular product over another (as long as they’re available online, and pretty much everything is). Our goal is to recommend products that will serve you well, so that you’ll come back to us as we expand this site to cover more stuff.

What’s the secret to running a site like this? How does it work?

We give the lowdown on what we consider the best tools and strategies for a travel or any profitable website here.

Contact us

We intend to grow this site to cover a variety of products, but quite slowly, as each article requires a significant time investment to research, write and continuously update. Nevertheless, your suggestions for subjects to cover or anything else are welcome.


How to contact: mose[followed by @ and this domain name]

We’ve removed the standard contact form to avoid spam. But we do love to get messages from you humans!


Offering website design/SEO/web videos/link exchanges/etc.? We’re not interested. All senders that get through our filters will immediately be blacklisted as spam and deleted.


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